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Maltesers Reactive
Maltesers Reactive

Whilst at AMV BBDO, I worked on the core advertising team for Maltesers for about 18 months – and whenever Maltesers suddenly found themselves part of interesting conversations, the clients would often let me make super quick turnaround reactive content for their Instagram & Twitter channels (GIFs, stop-motion, etc),

As an example, the screengrab’s from an animated GIF I created, got approved and posted just 25minutes after the UK’s first Muslim astronaut, Hussain Manawer, named ‘Maltesers’ as the thing he’d most like to bring into space. The speed at which I created the animation – of the astronaut, plus 8 different Maltesers all autonomously floating about in zero-gravity – got some great social traction, Hussain engaging himself and kept Maltesers seeming bang up to date.


  • ClientMaltesers
  • Year2017